Secure Logistics Services

The secure global movement of critical components and systems

Synteras teams provide our customers turnkey material management, warehouse and logistics services to strengthen and secure their supply chains. This includes a secure dedicated Test and Integration Facility used to design, fabricate and evaluate systems and system components to ensure operational requirements are met or exceeded. Our technicians and engineers then deploy with our customer’s units to provide training and ensure the successful integration of tools and systems.

Our logistics and secure warehouse support is a recognized DoD leader based on our on-time shipping, receiving and storage rates as well as inventory accuracy. Our warehouse personnel are responsible for millions of square feet of warehouse space, billions of dollars of inventory and hundreds of thousands of unique items, including hazardous and radioactive material. Our services include supervision and services necessary for Project Management, cost-estimating, procurement, racking, kitting, issuance, approved level of operational stock, annual inventory and monthly cycle count requisitioning, processing, tracking and all logistics management actions as required.

Secure Test and Integration Facility
Secure Warehouses
Inventory control