Enterprise Design, Integration & Consolodation

Enabling interoperability and security of information and communications systems

Today’s missions are global, net-centric and increasingly characterized by joint, coalition and interagency environments subject to abrupt and significant change. They rely on flexible, highly secure data delivery and collaboration tools to streamline cooperation between command structures, accelerate access to intelligence and operations data from distant enclaves and enable stronger enterprise wide cyber situational awareness. These are considerable challenges requiring a holistic, mission-oriented view of the global enterprise and all of the people, processes, polices and systems driving and delivering critical services—including transitioning to the Cloud. But they’re challenges successfully overcome daily by Synteras teams.

  • Program management and consulting
  • Site surveys and requirements analysis
  • Staging, configuration and deployment
  • Migration and cutovers
  • Enterprise services
  • Technology insertion
  • Big Data
  • Data center/network consolidation
  • Data base-to-desktop virtualization
  • New technology enablement
  • Cloud transition & integration
  • Mobility
  • Cybersecurity/Disaster Recovery-COOP

Our enterprise design, integration and consolidation teams provide subject matter expertise and technology resources to support strategic and architectural planning, pilot technology applications, communications connectivity, interface controls, technology insertion, implementation, integration and test, migration and technical support. Lean, exceptionally agile and scalable to any size project, you can look to the Synteras team of enterprise specialists when enterprise performance, security and continuous operations in the most complex, demanding and hostile environments matter most.